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hey good people!as my bio reads that I’m a government primary teacher who got her job 5 months ago..I belong to delhi ncr and was posted to a village of dholpur that is quite a rural and undeveloped area.From living in a city and then suddenly living in a rural area,the job’s hardships,the village where my school is situated,the students,the terrible situations in which i got stuck,school and student’s conditions evrything has been so adventures to me.Sometime i just gave up and then somehow collect the courage to do it again.going to share to share those experiences from day one.Hope you’ll enjoy.Thank you❤️

Rape…A dalit woman’s or a woman’s..!

A woman was allegedly raped by six men in front of her husband in Rajasthan’s Alwar district,The assailants also filmed the crime and uploaded the video on social media.

The husband of the woman claimed she was gang-raped on 26 April and that the police were informed on 30 April, but the FIR was filed only on 7 May, according to NDTV.Everytime this news appears whether its on tv or newspaper or social media one word is necessarily added “Dalit”.”A dalit woman raped ,dalit mahila ka balatkar”

I dont understand why it is so necessary to add that cast feature everytime..Does it help to give fast justice to the woman or in India the pain that rape gives is also depends on the cast of the woman.May be the media thinks that it looks more sympathetic.But did the media ever try to understand that how that girl feels when everytime she reads that cast word before her name or that its the right of any victim to get justice not because he or she belongs to a special cast but because the crime is done.I really don’t understand these tactics of media.The only thing that I and every human can understands is that the rape is the most terrible thing that can happen to a woman or a man and we should concentrate that the girl must get justice not because for her dalit cast but because the crime is done. Because every girl is girl first.Adding dalit before the victim’s name cannot give her justice fast it can only gives a pain.As if the rape wasn’t enough !

Republic day

Hey guys! First of all happy Republic day.So we indians are celebrating our 70th Republic day.

Its the day when our country got its Constitution and became an independent Republic.

But do we really are a Republic and independent.

In our country most of the children can’t take decisions about their lives whether its about their carriars or life partners.

If someone dares to choose his or her life partner they are killed in the terms of honour killing.

Nowadays there is a term mob lynching where a group kills mercilessly a person and the others only watch.The beaf matter is here now in a big news.

In alwar,a small city of Rajsthan a person killed in Lynching as he was suspected to smuggling beaf.Their are many incidents like this.

We are celebrating the victory of indian cricket team but somewhere in Meghalaya In the month of December 15 workers were trapped inside this coal mine.

These laborers were brought for illegal mining in the illegal rot hole mines on December 13, but when the water coming from a nearby river was filled in this mine, they were trapped here.One is found dead now. Many incidents are here which blow our minds.

India is a developing country but it will be only developed when it be free from corruption.Corruption is the main reason of its this situation.Are the martyr and the makers of the independent and republic India happy with this India .did they dream of this India? Surely they are not!

Yeah we should celebrate our national festivals but in true manners.flag hostings on national days or this patriosm of one day can’t grow a devloped India.We have to take small steps so that India can be truely a republic and independence country.We have got independence from Britishers now it’s time to get the independence from our flaws and make our freedom fighters and makers of india proud.

Jai hind,jai bharat!!


Hey guys! I’m gauhi a 24 years old girl looking forward to my life through some new aspects.I am a teacher and live in a joint family.I am a creative person and love to do things which has creativity like gardening, writing,cooking. I’ll update the blog atlst once in a day and here you’ll find a review on a current or social affair.i hope you will enjoy this blog and support me.kindly keep commenting.

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